I provide both individual and team coaching. Because coaching is an experiential learning process that includes feedback, reflection, guidance and accountability, each engagement is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the client. Individual coaching might address issues like transitioning into a new leadership role, developing executive presence, managing up/down, adapting to change and managing crucial relationships.  Teams are broadly defined and can include leadership teams, project teams, CEO/COO partnerships and boards. In all cases, the goal is to enhance communication, build collaboration and help client teams reach their shared objectives.

Workshops and Retreats
In addition to coaching, I lead workshops for a broad spectrum of organizations. Workshops generally focus on relationship and communication skill building, e.g., managing difficult conversations, providing effective feedback, communicating for results, or managing conflict. Workshops are tailored to the particular needs of the client organization.

Consulting and Advisory
Strategy consulting and advisory services are offered as well. I am particularly skilled at helping organizations to clearly articulate their mission and vision for the future and link that vision to effective strategies. Over many years, I have developed an integrated framework that significantly accelerates the process so that organizations can move more quickly into strategy implementation rather than becoming mired in a tedious strategy development process.