My Approach to Coaching


I approach coaching in a holistic way. Though we have different dimensions to our lives—family, work, friends, activities—we are one person. Our values, perceptions and behaviors reveal themselves in all aspects of our lives. An important goal of coaching is to seek coherence—and to ensure that our language, emotions, behaviors and body are aligned because, without this alignment, we are less effective.

Clients often come to coaching because they feel stuck, professionally or personally. Behaviors and strategies that have served them in the past are no longer working, and they are not sure what to do. Additionally, they may be in transition. These transitions include losing a job, taking on a new job, re-entering the workforce after an absence, or preparing for retirement and their next chapter.

I have worked with clients at various stages of life, in all functional areas and across many industries, who are facing a variety of challenges. Though my clients are unique, they share one commonality—they are willing to change what’s not working and explore new possibilities. This openness to change is the strongest indicator of potential success. Letting go of what’s not working and being willing to be vulnerable and take risks is essential to personal growth. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to guide my clients through this process.